Joanna a part form being a passionate performing artist, is also a yoga/pilates instructor and yoga therapist. During her yoga (ashtanga, vinyasa), pilates, dance experience she developed a unique teaching techniques  such as Yoga Dance and Yogalates. Her contemporary dance background allows her to incorporate different ways of movement in to yoga practice. Her classes represent flow, release and dynamic movement with emphasis on strengthening core muscles and releasing back and shoulders tension. Vinyasa flow practice enriched by the music and dance gives a unique experience to the participants, make them revitalise the energy and stimulates their mental and physical activities.  Yogalates fuses pilates core strengthening principals with yoga joins and musclces streches within the mindfulness practice. As a yoga therapist for mental health, depression and anxiety trained with Minded Institute (MI) she runs 8 week group courses as well as one to one sessions. In conjunction with MI approach she also incorporates other techniques to stimulate the body and mind, such as: Yoga Dance, Pilates, Feldenkrais, free/flow/improvised movement and mindfulness (different forms of meditation) . She believes that body and mind change through yoga, breathing and mindfulness practice, enhance the new neurological patterns, which lead to the brain functioning improvement.

Joanna also delivers her complementary therapeutic experience in corporate environment by managing the stress.

She teaches classes, workshops and run movement retreats internationally and nationally. In London she collaborates with Goldsmith University and Lewisham College and provide yoga and company’s dance classes run by LCP Dance Theatre.

Please feel free to check her time table of classes in London.

She leads sailing holiday including yoga therapy, dance and meditation practice on the sailing yacht around the world.

For more information about Joanna’s activities improving well being please visit


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