VINYASA FLOW every Saturday 11.45-13 at North London Buddhist Centre, 72 Holloway Road, N7 8JG London

Classes run by Joanna Puchala, experiensed  yoga/pilates instructor and performing artist. Using her background as a Yoga Therapist trained with worldwide known Mindful Instutute, leader in neuroscientce, psychotherapy, mindfulness and yoga approach, she will take you on a spiritual body mind journey. You will be introduced to the yoga principles, body/mind centering and pilates lower back tensionn release. The breathing techniques and meditation will complement your experience during the practice.

PILATES every Saturday 10-11.30am at North London Buddhist Centre, 72 Holloway Road, N7 8JG London

Pilates helps you to strengthen the centre of the body in order to decrease the lower back pain. The breath and relaxation bring awarness to the body and mind and allow you to detach from stressful environment.

YOGALATES WORKSHOPS at North London Buddhis Centre 

Yogalates combines yoga with pilates and focuses on increasing your strength, flexibility and stamina. By incorporating breath and relaxation, will help you to balance your emotions. Specially designed to release the shoulders and lower back tension, stretch out the body with emphasize on breathing, mindfulness (body and mind awareness). The course is suitable for all ages and abilities.
Yogalates will work your body helping you become more flexible, streamlined and toned; it will strengthen your core muscles whilst enhancing spinal alignment and posture.

Once you start taking things from Yogalates practice into your daily living, your body just keeps on changing and toning much faster.
It is also calming and a way of dynamic meditation.

Yogic Breathing and relaxation techniques are taught to calm and restore you. All of which can be incorporated into your everyday life to relieve stress.

A few minutes of breathing exercises will oxygenate the entire body, thus calming busy minds and chatter that stress can bring on.

YOGA THERAPY every Tuesday 2-3pm at LeSoCo, Lewisham Way, SE4 1UT London

Yoga therapy for wellbeing to decrease the anxiety and depression. You will experience a yoga practice sinchronised with breathing, mindfulness and meditation in conjunction with neuroscience and psychotherapy aspects.Sessions improve performance, focus and concentration; body and mind centring.


Joanna Puchala, LCP Dance Theatre artistic director, producer of BBC Performing Arts awarded dance theatre ‘Rights(?)’,  contemporary dancer trained at Post Grad phisical theatre lead by Yasmin Vardimon and Birkbeck University of London in conjunction with The Place LCDS and Mathew Bourne’ New adventures’. 
Every Friday 1-2pm at LeSoCo in London Joanna will take you on the release and floor work journey with contact improvisation elements. She uses pilates /yoga principles in warm up and cool down sequences, combines the lyrical style with flying low dance technique which make her classes challenging.
For more information please contact   LCP classes

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