Yoga therapy and dance – LCP Dance Theatre and Minded Insitute


Yoga therapy and dance – LCP Dance Theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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This week’s blog highlights Joanna Puchala’s work not just as a Minded Institute certified yoga therapist for mental health but as Artistic Director for LCP Dance Theatre. They will be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year (click the link for details).

“It’s a powerful dance theatre performance touching on the sensitive subject of victims of human trafficking,” says Joanna. “It’s based on a true story of trafficked victim Sophie Hayes, author of ‘Trafficked’.

“It shows the duality of identity of a victim and a trafficker, how both can live such an internal conflict between bad and good, how they can be forgiven by others and themselves. It’s not about the traumatic experience of a victim and even a trafficker, it’s also about a positive aspect of experience and liberation.

“Sophie Hayes is an example of a woman who has been trafficked but eventually she has survived and through a different forms of therapy tries to get back on track.

“The dance performance in conjunction with her book brings up the theme of human trafficking but also shows that victims and traffickers are human beings. They deal with their mental issues in order to survive. They both might have absorbed traumatic experience in the past or just happened in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“The show is about detaching from the judgement and the justice, it is about showing victims and traffickers as they are and how the social and political aspect can influence one’s life and actions. It’s about compassion, lost and found love towards themselves and others.”

This is not LCP’s first Fringe Festival performance but will be their first time in Edinburgh. “We were very successful over the last two years at Camden’s Fringe Festival. In 2011 with ‘Lust Lost Last’ and in 2012 with ‘Rights(?)’ which was sponsored by the BBC Performing Arts Fund.

“LCP Dance Theatre is a non profit organisation which brings awareness of violated human rights through performing arts. The inspiration to put on dance productions come from the inequality of human rights around the world, especially of human trafficking.

“The concept of setting such a mission for LCP comes from my trip to Cambodia, South East Asia. I visited orphanages seeing children who had been sold to the brothels and lost their own identity. Such a traumatic experience created very serious mental health issues such as PTSD.

“This is a link with The Minded Institute which provides doctors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, neurologists and others with teaching training and offers Yoga Therapy for the Mind 8 Week Courses for people suffering from mental issues such as depression and anxiety.

“Survivors of human trafficking are one of the main targets in the psychotherapy, neuroscience, mindfulness and yoga aspect of well being. As LCP also collaborates with other organisations whose activities are affected by human trafficking, our aim is to introduce the movement therapy inspired by The Minded Institute to survivors of human trafficking and get them involved in choreography and performing arts such as LCP Dance Theatre.

“‘AM I’ is inspired by Sophie’s story. She was sold by her boyfriend from the UK to Italy and wrote her story in the book ‘Trafficked’. We want the audience to become aware of what can happen if someone is not careful and takes on an offer of getting a job without any proof and testimony.

“Be cautious of meeting a new people and building the trust upon some fake and untruthful factors. Keep eyes and ears open, be intuitive and careful in certain circumstances. Do not despair about not having any money and any place to go. Just follow your instinct and intuition. Do not be scared of finding your real talent and value it in terms of your professional and personal life.

“LCP is a charity company supported by volunteers work and other organisations such as Lewisham and Southwark College (LESOCO) which provides us with rehearsing space. We offer students and dancers the opportunity to train with a professional dance company. People with traumatic experiences can find a safe place where they can be guided through the movement therapy by certified instructor of the Minded Institute and Dance Movement Therapy.

“We are running a fund raising campaign to support our current project with premier in Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013 to help us towards the expenses. Please click here and support us if you can. There are some rewards we would like to give you in exchange of your help.

“If you would like to get involved in our activity please get in touch. There are few vacancies available for volunteers. For more information please visit or contact”



‘The stunning choreography (bravo Joanna Puchala), the impeccable execution and the power of the visual imagery is utterly paralysing. “Dance stops trafficking!” they advertise. For me, their dance stopped my heartbeat.” ‘THREE WEEKS’ EDINBURGH FRINGE 2014


‘THE PLACE’ RESOLUTION                  11TH FEBRUARY 2014 , 8PM                         ROBIN HOWARD DANCE THEATRE       TICKETS ON SALE



This new production draws awareness to human rights violations through dance. LCP’s Edinburgh premiere of ‘Am I’ finds its roots in the pain and struggle of human trafficking as inspired by the story of Sophie Hayes. Hayes was a victim of the sex trade and trafficked by her boyfriend to Italy. In her harrowing biography, Hayes reminds us that anyone can find themselves in the same situation and ‘AM I’ wishes to warn and to educate the public of this stark reality.  Each year 27 million women are trafficked worldwide, mainly for labor and sexual slavery; only 1% are rescued, yet, very few of us are aware of this terrible reality.

‘AM I’ explores the complicated tale of victim and trafficker wherein both are slaves: often the roles bleed into each other making it difficult to see the line between either identity. In ‘AM I’ the trafficker becomes victim and vice versa. This production involves pain and confusion as seen through the eyes of dance and flowing movement.  Vibrant, truthful and powerful, the performances are genuinely something different.




CHOREOGRAPHY: Joanna Puchala MUSIC: Sabio Janiak DOCUMENTARY FILM: Magdalena Kowalczyk DANCERS (EDINBURGH FRINGE 2013): Justyna Sochaj, Wayne Wallen, Joelle Berger, Aleksandra Jakovic, Carola Bologna, Heidie Seppala, Claire Lambert, Naomi Peaston, Joanna Puchala  DANCERS (RESOLUTION!2014): Paolo Rosini, Carola Bologna, Heidie Seppala, Heinie Harjaluoma, Paula Napolitano, Dominique Vannod, Signhild Meen Wærsted , Joanna Puchala  ACTING COACH: Sara Montalvo FILM EDITTING: Sophia Kosmaoglou, Daniela Kitchiner, Elizabeth Doonan SOUND ENGINEER: Brian Steel MARKETING: Reina Toeda PR: Ashley Hart PRESS: Roger Manser PUBLICITY: Lidhka Inga COSTUME DESIGN: Carlotta Actis Barone PHOTOGRAPHY: Gosia Wilda, Lidhka Inga, Magda Kowalczyk

SPONSORSHIP: Roberto Parmiggiano, Patrick Flockhart, Roger Manser, Heather Mason, Zak Attar

SPECIAL THANKS TO: EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL SATFF; SPOTLITES @ MERCHANTS’ HALL STAFF (Rachel Thomson-King);LESOCO STAFF (Lisa Stubbs,Laura Dobson, Denyse Gladyng); Minded Insitute (Heather Mason, Eve Cunningham Menezes);Treshnish (Patrick Flockhart); Birckbeck University (Maria Koripas);Heather Mason, Roberto Parmiggiano, Roger Manser, Lidhka Inga, Sara Montalvo, Nayesh Radia, Michael Ng, Chris Lees, and all LCP’s members, FRIENDS AND FAMILY without whom this project wouldn’t be possible to succeed. Thank you to all voluntaries who have committed fully to this work and offered their passion, love and remarkable knowledge.